Whatcha Watchin?

UGH! I am getting sick. I knew it would happen. Every time my body goes through major stress it is followed by a bout with something. Today I woke up with a really sore throat and a cough that sounds like a barking seal. Great, we promised the kids we would go skiing tomorrow—-which as you all know means me sitting in the lodge watching movies, doing some posting and doing the VERY important job of holding a table for lunch.

Don’t feel too sorry for me though. I have some very cool movies to entertain me tomorrow. I am not ashamed to admit they are all lighthearted, silly and yes, maybe a little young for me but a little fun is the perfect RX for me right now (oh, make sure you read to the bottom, there may be a reward in it for you!)


I love the Simpsons. I seriously do. There is something so comforting about the fact that Bart never grows up and their family never changes. 20 Years??? Seriously??? I remember when this was ground breaking stuff. This DVD (also available in Blu-Ray) covers 21 episodes from 2008-2009. Let’s see…that is about 10 1/2 hours of laughs for me!


Based on the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I just recently reviewed the movie was Heath Ledger so I am looking forward to seeing how the TV series shapes up. Teenage drama at its best? I am a closet fan of Secret Life of the American Teenager so I am betting this is going to be one I like as well.


Story line direct from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment:

How far will they go to achieve their ultimate dream? Experience the rivalry and romance of four teenage girls on their path to Olympic gold in the original ABC Family series that has fans and critics cheering all across the nation. “You’ll flip for…Make It Or Break It,” raves David Hinkley of the New York Daily News.

Who will rank #1 at Nationals and what will it take to get there? Viewers will flip for this engaging series chronicling the triumphs and heartbreaks as close friends balance their lives as high school students with the intense world of competitive gymnastics. Fans can relive the series that raises the bar on family drama, complete with a never-before-seen extended episode, and go behind the scenes to discover what it takes to perform such amazing stunts—only on DVD!


That would not be cool of me to talk about all the movies I have to watch without offering you a chance too, would it? Redbox has graciously given me some free rental codes for you to use. I recently discovered Redbox while driving to Las Vegas in October. I know, I must live in a hole to not use it before. Great way to rent movies for $.99 and you can return them anywhere which makes it the ultimate road trip tool for me :)

The codes are unique, one time codes so I will give one away to the first ten people to comment. I will email you the codes so make sure that you fill your email addy in the little box that only I see! Tell me what you want to rent and the code is yours :)

*oops forgot my ever, all important FTC disclaimer. Yes, I was compensated by the respective parties mentioned above and you know what is even more shocking??? Micheal Jordan got PAID to wear Nike shoes….shhhh, don’t tell the FTC!


  1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We missed it when it was in theatres and my daughter has been bugging me to rent it.
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  2. That's so funny, we love the Simpsons too. My son just told me that the Simpsons is the longest running scripted TV show in history! :)

  3. You won't believe this, but I was just on the Redbox site seeing if the movie my husband wants to watch is was available! How weird is that? He wants to see Gamer.
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  4. In a house full of boys, I would like to see the new Michael Jackson DVD, This Is It (yes, I admit I am a huge fan). As I would be totally out voted NOT to watch this one, I'll have to rent two – and I'll totally enjoy watching it by myself ;)

    • CINDY! Who knew??? You an MJ fan??? I really would never, ever have guessed that.

      Too bad we don't live down the street anymore we could hole up in one of our houses and send the boys to another. I am strangely curious what the movie is like. :)

  5. Catherine says:

    My hubby wants to see Inglorious Bastards so that would probably be the choice although I wouldn't mind a little romantic comedy in my life.

  6. I would like to watch The Lives of Others. I read the Synopsis and am eager to watch it. Thanks!

  7. Oops, just searched Redbox and the Lives of Others is no longer available. District 9 by Peter Jackson would be a great one to watch! Thank you,

  8. I'm going to watch MJ's This Is it this weekend too! Just found your blog and love it! As a mom of boys, I can relate!

  9. Redbox – one of my new favorites! Guess I need to check out Make It or Break It since I too am a closet Secret Life viewer.

  10. I went to a Redbox today specifically to rent Frost/Nixon — but someone rented it between the time I checked and the time I arrived (about 45 minutes). Those are the breaks sometimes. As a consolation I rented Gran Torino, which I plan to watch with my girlfriend tomorrow (and return to Redbox before 9 p.m.)

  11. Jenny, Home is Where says:

    hee-hee, the Nike's comment made me laugh!

    Don't have much time to watch stuff..but right now, Dh and I have been working our way through House. We are on Season 3. We loved Hugh Laurie from Jeeves & Wooster days, it's hard watching him without the Brit accent!

    • Yeah, when Tiger wears a shirt that says "Paid for by Gatorade" (that may not be the best example) than I will stop being sarcastic that we have to :P

  12. melissa pruitt says:

    I wanna win this one soo bad!! I love this and it would be GREAT to win it! Please pick me! Im trying to subscribe right now, It's complicated on your blog, but ill get it!! nevermind i got it!