Sample PR Pitches to Bloggers

Yes, I do know it is Tuesday….

Yesterdays discussion on PR Goals is so important and I want to discuss a little more in detail when a pitch is worth your time and when it just isn’t. We have some wonderful guest bloggers in the next few weeks so I need take an extra day to make sure we are all on the same page as far as knowing what your pr goals are.

What is your time worth? Only you can determine that. I have a ballpark hourly rate in my head of what mine is.

Lets look at some recent pitch offers from my inbox and see what you think. It is important to note, no money is exchanged in this pitches. This is a ‘value trade’. Is the value of what is being traded worth your blogging time?

DVD: $20 (this is one my kids absolutely want)

* Time to watch: 90 minutes
* Time to post: 30 minutes (to get all the embedded files and photos in as well as my view)
* Time in contact with PR: 10 minutes (emails)
* Package pickup: 20 minutes (I use a UPS box. I never give my home address)
* Total time invested: 130 minutes, 2 hours, 10 minutes.
* What I am working for: roughly $9.50 an hour

Is this worth my time? Yes….

In the case of a kids movie that I am most likely going to buy and watch with the kids anyway that is worth it to me. I would have spent that time (and money to buy it) anyway! If it was a pitch on a movie that I would not have normally purchased, I would turn this down. No way is my time worth $9.50 an hour (that is MY individual take, yours could be completely different, especially as you are starting out).

Is it worth your time?

Look at this pitch: A company wanted to send 5 free product coupons for a food item in exchange for running a review post AND a giveaway of 2 coupons to the winner.The cost of this product was .99-$3 depending where you got it and the size.

* Time to pick up product from store: 20 minutes
* Time to post: 30 minutes (to get all the embedded files and photos in as well as my view)
* Time in contact with PR: 10 minutes (emails)
* Package pickup: 20 minutes (I use a UPS box. I never give my home address)
*Time to run giveway: 5 hours min.
* Total time invested: 7 hours
*Cost to mail coupons to winner: $1
* What I am working for: assuming the product costs me $3 (the max allowed on the coupon) I am making $2 per hour.

Is this worth my time? NO!

Is this worth your time?

Of course you get to determine that. One thing I see ‘newer’ bloggers doing is taking the offers as a way to get ‘in’ with a company. I have been guilty of it but one thing I have learned is that the reps that send these pitches never have better ones come along. This is the caliber of pitch you can count on getting in the future, especially since you have now just shown you are willing to work for that amount. I asked several blogging buddies and they all agree this has been the case for them as well.

Now, here is different spin on the above pitch. A company asks you to do essentially the same pitch as above BUT they want you to really get to know their company so they would like to fly you out and take you and several other bloggers on a tour. Typically these trips cover the cost of transportation to the airport, your flight, room for 1-2 nights, food and drink during your stay, and gift cards to cover any incidentals you incur. You also usually leave with some very nice swag (gifts).

Is this worth my time? Absolutely and not necessarily because of the free trip to meet up with blogging buds (although that certainly helps). These are the types of companies that are looking to form long term relationships! They have invested a great deal of time researching the bloggers they want to work with. These companies (from personal experience) return time and time again throughout the year with interesting pitches. They send you little goody bags when you least expect it. The reps call to check on your kids when you post they are sick (no kidding!) and these companies and reps are the first to pass your name on to their peers and include you in premium opportunities.

Everyone wants to know, what are some of the bigger items bloggers have obtained through PR. This past year I saw bloggers receive leased cars, a household full of major appliances, family trips to Disney (and lots of other destinations), cruises, and red carpet events to name a few. Of course, these go to select few but if this part of your pr goals it is certainly possible. Especially as I have heard from several pr reps that in 2010 companies will be looking outside the box of already known bloggers.

Hopefully determining your ‘hourly’ rate has helped you determine what pitches you are willing to work on and those you are not. I want to throw a word of caution in here about giveaways as a lot of pitches will offer to send you the product and one to giveaway. Giveaways take a tremendous amount of time to run correctly! Next week we are going to be talking about traffic to your blog and giveaways may be worth the time in terms of traffic for you but we really need to talk down the line on thinking through giveaway offers.

Next Monday, Tara from Lijit will be here to talk about stats. She is going to help us analyze and decipher all those numbers so that we can see where we are and where we would like to be! It may be useful for you to install a Lijit widget on your site to gather info this week. I use 4 different stat programs: Google Analytics, Lijit, Compete, and AWStats. This gives me a pretty complete picture of what is happening on my sites.

Until then, get those goals written down and catch up on the series by reading these:

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*PR Monday graphic made by Toni-Lynn at Delightful Chaos. Visit her, she is cool!

I would love to hear your thoughts on pitches and what you will and won’t accept in the comments!


  1. Great post! I really love the detail you offered. My husband asks me the same question on if it is worth my time to do some reviews. The answer is always very telling!

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  3. Another Great post.. by far my favorite in your series so far.

    All SO SO true. I've received quite a few bad pitches like the one you mentioned… and knowing what your time is worth is SO important.

    Looking forward to reading the post from Lijit, as I only recently joined the site and am still figuring it all out.

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