My TweepML Lists

A while ago twitter introduced the concept of lists. I don’t like them. The reason is simple. You can’t follow each person on the list without a lot of hassle. Today for some reason I decided to check out TweepML again after looking at it last month. I discovered that you can very quickly import a twitter list into TweepML and create a list that is very simple for people to follow.

This is what a list looks like:

For those of you just getting started on twitter or those looking for some great people to follow here are three of my lists:

Caution: Don’t follow them all the same day and you may want to break the People Who Twitter Party list up or else you will get an error that your account is temporarily suspended from twitter. It isn’t really. From what I can tell that is the error message you get on TweepML when trying to follow too many people in too short a time period.

Also, if you think you should be added to any of those lists let me know by using this on the right hand side of the list page:

My one complaint with TweepML is that the process of adding those people that are suggested is tedious. You get an email with each one and you have to manually enter it. I will probably add them in bulk rather than one by one cause I just don’t have the extra time to do it any other way.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I am relatively new to actually using my twitter. This will help.

  2. Oh my gosh that was so sweet. Totally made my day. Thank you!

  3. I'm so glad to have you in my Twitter and Blog life Barb! This rocks!

  4. I haven't joined twitter yet…waiting for a lull in my life so I'll have time to sit down and figure it out! (lol, like we have many lulls in life…!) Have to admit, I'm someone who doesn't quite get twitter.

    thanks for the comment on iphone apps, I have to ask if you have any cool ones not listed in the post?