Redneck Cookin’

Oh, it is sooooo time for another………………………….



That is NOT ME that let my husband act like a redneck and smoke ribs in the front yard this Saturday.

Nope, no way! That must be someone else husbands rusty smoker in my driveway!

Our Home For the Holidays

Just thought I would share a few photos as the decorating gets finished up today. I actually really enjoyed decorating this year, which is not always the case. Think I will leave it up til March :)


I LOVE my Christmas tree. When I saw this stand a few years ago I had to have it. The lit houses are all a part of the actual stand.  Since I was a little girl I have always had a train running around the tree. My set as a kid broke years ago and my mom made it tradition to buy the boys a train piece each year from this larger set sold at Dillards. They always were too big to really fit well under the old tree but not with this stand. I bought it in Vegas and I find it so funny how well it fits with our new Colorado home. It is Connors job to set the trains up every year.


Funny story about that TV. Bob and I bought it before we got married. Yes, that sucker is 16 years old and heavy! When we moved into this new house, I had planned to put it in a guest bedroom but the living room had this awkwardly placed square for the TV. If you have looked for a TV in the last few years you know that you can’t buy squares anymore. They are all rectangle. So, our ‘antique’ tv somehow ended up plopped in there.

Both of the stocking were handmade for the boys.The sunflower pic is always there. I haven’t hung it yet because the plan is to stone that background soon and the pic is concrete so it is very heavy.



Since Connor is responsible for the trains, Carter is responsible for the town. This year, Carter set all the houses in a straight line. I told him to spread them out and make it look like a neighborhood. He looked at me in a weird way and said “Mom, it does look like our neighborhood”. Smart kid! He then moved it to this. After his last comment I let him do it completely on his own!

Did you post pics of your holiday home? Leave me the link in the comments. I want to see!

My Favorite Science Gifts

Oh my! I am such a slacker! A few weeks ago (ok, maybe more than a few) I received another AWESOME package from Steve Spangler Science full of goodies from their holiday gift guide.

Here is what was in my box when I opened it:

Galileo Thermometer & Barometer

I absolutely, positively love this. We have it set up in the living room. It came with great instructions on how to set it up. The kids are having a lot of fun comparing this to the digital weather station we have. I was really excited about it because we have long called Carter our little barometer as the weather change often sets off a shunt headache for him. We are using this to compare the changes with his headaches. Plus, it just looks so cool!

Mentos Geyser Tube

Steve also sent me over the new depth charge for the mentos geyser as well as the traditional release contraption he first came out with. We had a lot of fun with both but prefer the new depth charge one. It essentially sinks the mentos to the bottom for the explosion to start.

Air Burst Rockets

Incredibly high shooting rocket. It can fly 600 feet in the air. Need I say more? If there is a more perfect toy for boys, I don’t what it would be. We had to take it to the park around the corner. I didn’t get video of my kiddos with it but this one from the boys at Steve’s office is pretty amazing:

Boom Splat Kablooey – Klutz Book

This one is under the tree. Shhhh…….

Disclosure: As noted Steve Spangler Science provided me with these products to review at no charge. I do truly, truly love Steve Spangler Science which is why I write about them as I often as I do:)