Happy Holidays!

Thanks to my over achieving friends my mailbox is now being flooded daily with holiday cards. I love them, I really, really do but I have to admit that each time I opened one this December a little guilt would escape that no, mine were not ready to send yet. Seriously, I think there should be some magical date we all agree on that they all get sent out so those of us who don’t have them in the mail on 12/1 don’t have to feel bad! I propose sometime in March.

Anywho, every year I write a letter but this year I just didn’t want to. I really don’t have much to say. I can just imagine it:

Dear Friends and Family,

Did you read my letter last year? Do me a favor and re-read it this year cause nothing much has really changed. Well, except for the bad stuff that no one wants to hear about at the holidays.  My brother passed away this year. My dad was placed in a nursing home. We are all a year older. Same jobs, same stuff. The kids grew a few inches.Blah, blah, blah. It has just been a blah year!



Instead, I just went with the photo card this year. I got a very cool design from Vista Print done on a beautiful linen paper. They are having some very good sales right now if you still need to get yours done. They even have a 3 day turn around option. I had them make some calendars as well and they turned out beautifully. I was surprised at how nice the calendars were and will probably go order some more to give out to family, shhhhh!

So here is my holiday card to all my blogging buds!


Disclosure: Thanks to Vista Print for providing me with my printed holiday items this year. I work with Vista Print on an ongoing basis and they provide me with most of my printing needs including the very cool business cards I use that you all seem to love at conferences. I used Vista Print for many years before being associated with them as a blogger and have always been impressed with the quality provided for very little cost.