Food Bank of the Rockies-$5 Per Comment

This whole process of promise & comment takes 1 min! That 1 min=$5 to the Feeding America Food Bank of the Rockies. Do.It.Now!


You all know that I have worked with the Oscar Mayer team for a while now and I was very happy to participate in their latest campaign which benefits our local food bank, Food Bank of the Rockies. This is a very generous campaign where, for each comment, Lunchables will donate $5 to my local Feeding America location, the Food Bank of the Rockies– up to $1,000 or 200 comments!!!!

Won’t you please help me to help the Food Bank of the Rockies this holiday season?

This is all you need to do:

  • Leave a comment that lists what number the promise was – “I was promise number 12,003 on

I just did mine and it took me 20 seconds!!!!

Thank you from myself, Lunchables and Food Bank of the Rockies!

OH, and just as a friendly competition, no other blogger has had their city reach 200 comments yet so lets totally show that BOTH my readers and the Colorado community ROCKS!!!! Toledo, OH is in the lead.

P.S….I know homeschoolers don’t typically pack lunches but you can still promise to leave a little note for your kids somewhere fun!

Fine print: About the Lunch Note Promise Campaign. The Lunchables team is asking parents and caregivers nationwide to promise to drop a note of encouragement into their child’s lunch. For every parent that logs onto to make that promise, the Lunchables team will donate a meal to children and families in need through Feeding America, which serves an estimated nine million children each year. The goal is to turn 100,000 promises into up to 100,000 meals. The first 200 comments will send $1,000 to Food Bank for the Rockies. Additional promises/comments up to 100,000 for the entire campaign will have a meal  donated to Feeding America. They are currently at a little over 50,o00 so lets get promising.


  1. Hope to make up these numbers! Best of luck to all at food bank.

  2. What a great, amazing opportunity. People may not realize the value of such a campaign, but to those on the receiving end, there is no substitute for this generosity. Thanks so much!
    .-= James D Kirk´s last blog ..reBlog from Boldly Going =-.

  3. I was promise number 60237.

  4. I was promise 60,251…I’m a homeschool mom, but it’s always a nice idea to leave our children little notes of encouragement, no matter where they eat their lunch :)

  5. Hi Barb! I was promise 60,753 – lets get to 200 comments!

  6. Awesome! Here’s my support! :o )

  7. I was promise #63596

  8. made my sister promise! 63597

  9. I promised too!!! 63598

  10. I was promise number 63600. Good luck, and Merry Christmas to all.

  11. I was promise #63608

  12. I was promise 63609.

  13. I’m promise #64,904 :)

  14. Number 64906 to make the promise to help Lunchables support kids. Now we can make an even bigger splash by getting all our people in on the action. Spread the word on the internet!!!

  15. I was promise # 64908

  16. Luv2CUSmile says:

    I’m promise 64,907 and this will be so easy because I already do this for my kids! Love them buggers and never miss a chance to say it!
    LuvMoeDog2@ aol dot com

  17. rock on

  18. I was promise number 64,910 on

  19. I was promise # 64,910!

    What a great cause!
    .-= Dara Briar´s last blog ..One Pea in a Pod Peapod Herringbone Silver Blue Pearl Necklace =-.

  20. Sarah Cary says:

    I already periodically put a note in my daughter’s lunch box and put in napkins that coordinate with the current holiday(s). She love it!

    I was promise 64917! Good luck on making your goal!

  21. I was promise # 65024! My “kids” are in high school and college, but I can find a way. Admit it or not, they still need me.

  22. Even though we Virtual school our children, I can still leave a note on their plate!
    promise 65025

  23. Even though we Virtual school our children, we can still leave a note on their plate!
    promise #65025

  24. Even though we Virtual school our children we can still leave a message of love on their plate!
    promise #65025

  25. I was promise #65029!

    Sure you will make your goal!

  26. I was promise #65034!

    Good Luck…GREAT cause!!

  27. I was promise number 65052
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..CHRISTmas Fun and a Happy New Year =-.

  28. I was promise 65062.
    Great Cause….good luck in your goal.

  29. I was promise #65064.

  30. Promise #65,072- thank you!

  31. Great cause! Good luck making your numbers.

  32. I was #65133

  33. Thanks for making the promise! You’re person number 65659 to make the promise to help Lunchables support kids.

    My recent post Welcome to 2010….

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