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OK, I admit that I am a total science geek. Kid science though. Guess that explains the whole stint as a 4th grade science teacher :P So, I was beyond geeked when I found out that one of my twitter pals @colosciencemom worked for Steve Spangler Science. I was even more geeked when Steve and Susan asked me to come in and talk homeschool science with them last week.


I tried to play it cool but come on, the offices are so freakin’ fun I was like a kid in a candy shop. I mean where else can you go to work, get paid to blow things up, mail mannequin body parts to people for fun and decorate your space like this?

Steve is known as a “teacher’s teacher” and we had a very interesting conversation about teaching homeschool parents to be “cluster leaders”. Building off the theory that by teaching teachers and parents HOW TO TEACH science we are able to give our kids a much better experience, we brainstormed how best to reach out into the homeschool world. Steve had a great point that sometimes we do these really great little science tricks with the kids but they don’t really walk away with the lesson of how to use the scientific method- how to be curious about their world, test their hypothesis, learn that failing and retrying is not only OK but sometimes preferred.

Steve gave me some awesome experiments to do with the boys. We just did Jelly Marbles and Water Cubes and really worked through the scientific method with them. I will be posting that soon along with lots more in my homeschool science section.

One of the things I really like about Steve Spangler is that he truly loves what he does and is passionate about reaching the next generation of scientists.   His teacher training classes look amazing and are pretty break even for them. Apparently you leave with so many take home items. But I wonder even at a break even price, would YOU go to a one day bootcamp for around $200? I probably would, but am I in the minority here? What do you think? and did you know that you can sign up to get an email for the experiment of the week which USUALLY is stuff that you have in the house? Pretty cool, free way to get some fun science in your week.

Steve also asked me about the money we get from the state for homeschooling. I know that Nevada did not give any funds directly to parents and I am pretty sure that Colorado does not either (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong and tell me how to get it). Does your state? If they do, what do you spend it on?

I really want to know what you think so lets get the dialogue rolling!


  1. Victoria Gardiner says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said here. Steve Spangler has been our family’s hero for several years, ever since I read about his Experiment of the Week and we started getting them, and I went to his site and personal blog and started learning what this man was all about. He KNOWS, doesn’t he. Steve Spangler knows.

    I went to his Science in the Rockies last spring, and fully intend to go to at least one Boot Camp this fall. You’ll bring home twice the money in awesome swag, that you spent for your ticket, and you’ll learn more stuff than you learned in grad school. Seriously.

    I can’t praise him enough.

  2. It was so fun to have you in the office and talk homeschooling. I hope you are enjoying the science toys with your boys.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Question of the Day =-.

  3. Barb – See… you didn’t die just because you held onto our 50,000 volt sissy machine or served as an accomplice to the Exploding Pringle Can stunt. It’s all science… okay, there was some play… but mostly science. Thanks for taking the time to spend a few minutes with us talking about the science needs of homeschool parents. It’s easy to see why people still think that our business is in presenting school programs (from 1991 to 2003, I visited almost 750 public elementary schools in Colorado doing about 3,800 assemblies…yikes). Today, nearly all of my professional work is done in the area of teacher training – finding new ways to help teachers engage students in the sciences.

    We also want to find new ways to help homeschool parents become more effective at teaching science and creating unforgettable experiences with their children. As we continue to brainstorm ideas, keep up the good work of turning your kitchen into an oozing, bubbling, laboratory of science fun.

    Oh, by the way, the burning sensation from the sissy machine will go away in a few months.
    .-= Steve Spangler´s last blog ..Boom Splat Kablooey – Steve Spangler Science and Klutz Team Up to Create a New Experience for Kids =-.

  4. All new to me. My 6 yr old loves science so I need to check this out. Thanks for sharing. We’d love to learn some fun at home experiments to do.
    .-= Melitsa´s last blog ..Your baby can play =-.