Little Labor Trip to The ER

This is my catch-up and apology post! So, the last week has been a bit hectic and I know I am behind picking winners for things. I have a party I am co-hosting tomorrow night for Mom It Forward and Mile High Mamas so after that I will get caught up.

Real quick-Carter got another nasty cut on his foot in all things, the BOUNCY HOUSE. That required stitches in the ER Thurs while we were getting a new roof put on compliments of the tornado earlier this summer.

Then Sat I went out to go shopping at SNIAGRAB which is BARGAINS spelled backwards and is the big ski equipment sale here. Apparently the excitement was too much for me and I started getting chest pains. Bob took me over to the Urgent Care who called the fire department and I got a lovely ride to the ER where they kept me over night. Apparently ones blood pressure should not be 180/110. Who knew?

Nothing serious is wrong with my heart, basically I had an unexplained rapid elevation of my blood pressure and it likes being high so it is staying there. Lucky me! I have some more out patient tests to see why when I exercise it starts off a migraine….see, I knew there was a reason I have not enjoyed exercising. Something about the arteries (veins?) going to the brain constricting quickly, blah, blah, blah.

Good news! I have lost 4 pounds since the hospital…nothing like the heart attack scare diet!

Oh, here was some interesting news that came out of all of this….they think I have too much stress in my life? WHAT? ME? No, seriously though, I really don’t think of my life as overly stressful but maybe I don’t see it.

So, laughter reduces stress and here is a funny video from my friends over at Steve Spangler Science so watch it while I take a few days off from blogging…

I was there to see the aftermath of that room. It was a MESS!

Have to go figure out what I am wearing at this party tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Talk about excitement! (And, I’m not an expert, but I can’t imagine that a ride in an ambulance does GOOD things to high blood pressure…) ;)

    Can’t wait for the party tomorrow!
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