Just a little braggity brag

I think every homeschool/unschool mom worries at some point about feeling like their kid may be ‘behind’. Behind that magical standard of the kid in public school at their age. So, I was relieved to find out that not only is Connor not ‘behind’ his peers but his new ‘school’ wants to move him up to a Freshman level skipping the 8th grade. I was really surprised because the K12 curriculum is known for being fairly rigorous in middle school and certainly more intense than most brick and mortar middle schools.

So, small pat on my back for sticking to my guns when most people thought I was insane to homeschool him and HUGE pat on his back for being the engineer of his own education the past two years. Guess he knew what he was doing after all.

Oh, and the reason we are doing the virtual school is just to get him back in the groove of ‘regular’ school for highschool next year. When he had his interview in the spring for the private highschool he is applying for next year they actually told us to keep homeschooling (much to Bobs surprise) but I know him and he knows himself well enough to know that he needs to get back to a schedule at some point.

Will write more on our K12 experience as time passes but right now I just wanted to indulge in some braggin’


  1. You have every right to brag about your SON”S THEY ARE FANTASIST CHILDERN ( AND I BRAG TOO)