Fraboom LIVE!

Last January I told you about an up and coming company developing online programs for kids, Flying Rhinoceros. I enjoyed my experience reviewing PrezQuest for them so I was thrilled to hear that they have expanded their offerings to include three new experiences.

Carter and I jumped in for the Insects class last week and yesterday my 81 year old mom did the Presidents experience with him. We all found it really it easy and fun to use. The character in the Insects kinda freaked Carter out though (in a funny way). He kept telling me that “That is NOT a kid it is a creepy old man”. I kinda have to agree. He found the ‘boy’ hysterical. Next week we are looking forward to the How To Draw Cartoons class. He actually has this one marked on the calendar so he doesn’t forget.

The live teacher really is an ingenius way to grab the kids attention. The first day of whatever series you choose, the class is live and interactive. There is an actual ‘teacher’ there to guide you through the activities. You sign in on the top of the hour any time between 10am-7pm MST. My son LOVES asking questions just to make sure that the person is real and not a set up :) They are. The teacher calls your child by name and interacts with them one on one. The remaining days of the series are activities that you work on with your child. Fraboom provides a very well done activity guide for you to download and print (my only complaint is that it uses a TON of ink so I don’t print the first page).

Seriously, you all really need to check this company out. I absolutely love them. The series of three classes is $9.99. They were nice enough to offer 5 memberships though for me to give away to my readers.

Would you like one of the memberships? Here is your chance to win!

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How NOT to Make Rice Crispy Treats

or more accurately titled: See Paula, Blame It On My Mom!

Have you read the story of how this category, UnFoodie: Mayhem and Mishaps In My Kitchen, was born? If not, sit back, grab a drink and get caught up. For those of you in the know, here is yet another story to tickle your funny bone!

Yesterday as my mom and I were sauntering through Safeway, I asked her if she would mind making some rice crispy treats for my husband. She was planning to watch Carter today while Connor and I were out so I thought it would make a wonderful grandmother memory for the two of them. Instead I came home to Carter hiding is his room and my mom sweating in the kitchen. What in the world?

Apparently it all started like this. My mom couldn’t find a glass bowl to microwave the required marshmallows and butter. So, she used a 9×12 baking pan. BUT, the turntable was on in the microwave so the rectangle pan kept banging on the door as it attempted to rotate. ALSO, I guess the pan was not exactly tall enough to contain the swelling marshmallows. They sort of exploded in my microwave. I think it was at this point Carter left the scene of the crime.

This next part baffles even me (who actually can make rice crispy treats). She decided that people made these long before microwaves! So, she turned the oven on to 350 and mixed the rescued butter/marshmallow mix with the cereal from the microwave and COOKED IT!

The end result could be used to fix the leaks in my roof from the last tornado.

The really scary part? We are breaking it apart with a putty knife but still eating it!

Believe me, this picture does not do it justice!


So, in case anyone out there was wondering, rice crispy treats should NOT be baked in the oven but it is a great way to get your microwave clean!

Just a little braggity brag

I think every homeschool/unschool mom worries at some point about feeling like their kid may be ‘behind’. Behind that magical standard of the kid in public school at their age. So, I was relieved to find out that not only is Connor not ‘behind’ his peers but his new ‘school’ wants to move him up to a Freshman level skipping the 8th grade. I was really surprised because the K12 curriculum is known for being fairly rigorous in middle school and certainly more intense than most brick and mortar middle schools.

So, small pat on my back for sticking to my guns when most people thought I was insane to homeschool him and HUGE pat on his back for being the engineer of his own education the past two years. Guess he knew what he was doing after all.

Oh, and the reason we are doing the virtual school is just to get him back in the groove of ‘regular’ school for highschool next year. When he had his interview in the spring for the private highschool he is applying for next year they actually told us to keep homeschooling (much to Bobs surprise) but I know him and he knows himself well enough to know that he needs to get back to a schedule at some point.

Will write more on our K12 experience as time passes but right now I just wanted to indulge in some braggin’