Win a Nancy Drew Wii Game!

Here is a way to video games as an educational tool. Can’t get a better game for deductive reasoning than this!


In Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, players find Nancy far from home in the middle of the Canadian Rockies where she is investigating several suspicious accidents that have occurred at Chantal’s normally cozy Icicle Creek Lodge. To make matters worse, an eerie wolf’s howl in the distance is haunting the guests at night, causing Nancy to wonder if the accidents and the mysterious wolf are connected.

interior3Playing as Nancy Drew, you embark on a mystery adventure that will tax deductive reasoning skills as you tackle intricate puzzles and master a variety of gesture-based mini-games with the Wii Remote™.

Need a clue on how to win??

Here is the deal:

INITIAL ENTRY: Leave me a message and tell me who your favorite female role model is or was and why. You must complete this entry to be eligible for the Bonus ones listed below. *You do not need to be a homeschool family to win!

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  1. My favorite female role model is Oprah Winfrey. Why? She is empowering in so many ways! For women in general. For older women. For African-Americans (and people of color in general, really). For overweight people. The list goes on… I'd love to have that much positive influence on people. :D

  2. I'm already following you on Twitter – do I still get points for that? :D meant2beamom on Twitter

  3. chaotic35 says:

    Of course you do :)

  4. Female role model:
    Ruby Bridges. She had such courage for a young child and continues to lead by example.

  5. My role model is my mother. She raised three children as a single mother since I was 7 (I am 30 now). She worked and provided for us, while still being our mother and friend. She lost her mother last year and it was hard to see her go through that. I am the baby and so is she, I couldn't imagine losing my mother. She is my favorite person and wonderful grandmother to her 19 grandchildren. She will always be my hero.

  6. My mom is my favorite female role model. Although she was married to my dad while I was growing up, she was virtually a single parent due to my father's mental illness. She had me at 16 and then went on to have 4 more children as well. While raising us, she babysat for extra money and eventually returned to school. She became an LPN and later returned to college to become an RN. She showed us that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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    Yep, I'd really like to win this for my kids. LOL

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  10. When I was younger I really admired Laura Ingalls Wilder. She adapted to every situation with which she was faced growing up and learned so much from her misfortunes or problems.

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  12. susieqtpie says:

    Great entry question! I didn't grow up with a mom so i've had women role models during all stages of my life. I didn't realize I was doing this until I was college age. By that time it was too late to really thank those who helped shape who I had become. Role models were usually teachers or someones mom. In college I had 2 professors I dearly loved and they guided me and gave me strength. As a mom and now a Homeschool mom i've been given moms to be my role model. I've never gone to fictional or movie stars.

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