What is Twitter?

and why am I so obsessed with it?


I realized that I have two very distinct group of friends, those who get social media and those who have no clue what I am talking about. If you are in the ‘get it’ group you can stop reading now. This is to those of you who have no idea what twitter is, why I tweet, or what the heck a tweet even is.

Social media is a term used for sites where people interact and share things on the web. I started in social media as a way to share my websites with others. My first venture was stumble upon. I still love stumble upon but it is not nearly as interactive as twitter. About a year ago I started playing with twitter. At first, I totally didn’t get it. I sort of used it like stumble upon (a way to share links) but I began to realize it is so much more. It is a way to quickly interact with the world. The other day I was bicycle shopping with Bob and it was taking forever! So, I started tweeting from my iphone about how I may impale myself on the handlebars if it doesn’t end soon and sure enough, 30 seconds later I get a tweet back from a twitter ‘friend’ in Tehran sympathizing. OK, seriously, I would think someone in Tehran could care less about my bicycle shopping experiences right now but how surreal is that? Twitter is a super fast conversation with the world.

Critics of twitter claim that they don’t have time in their day to read what 1,ooo’s of people are eating for dinner and such minutia and I agree but the thing is that those tweets (the message sent on twitter) scroll by so fast that you barely notice and honestly, sometimes I do now care cause darn, it sounds good.I have connected with so many people via twitter that have become real life friends. I credit it with making my move to Denver easier. There is a huge social media (specifically twitter) community and we do get together quite often either for happy hours or charity events. It is a very supportive community.

Twitter has helped me professionally as well. As you probably know, I hold monthly twitter parties. It is a chance to get together virtually and socialize. They are a blast and I would dare say, an anticipated event for some. We do some amazing giveaways during the parties. I have connected with companies and PR reps that I probably never would have had the chance to if it were not for twitter. For example, last month I had the chance to meet some great bloggers that I admire courtesy of a trip to Oscar Mayer headquarters. Companies are on twitter and for the most part they are listening to us. What a valuable chance to have a two way conversation with a brand you care about.
icon_facebookFacebook is another social media outlet that I use. My friend Jason said it best yesterday though. Facebook is like virtual yearbook where most people connect on a smaller, more personal scale. I don’t really care too much for facebook though. I probably just don’t ‘get it’  but  I prefer the fast paced, 140 character world of twitter.

So, in a nut shell, that is what twitter is, why I use it and why I think you should too. Twitter is addictive though so be careful and another warning, don’t just hop on and expect people to start talking to you right away. Twitter is a conversation and just like at a real life party, you need to make connections.

I am @chaotic_barb on twitter so if you get started, follow me, send me a message and I will try to help you meet some more twitter friends.

On the side you should be able to connect with me on lots of social media sites. Please do :)

This Shouldn’t Be Legal…

But thank goodness it is!


In the interest of full disclosure, I did not make this, I bought it at Target Super Center (and yeah, family is rolling their eyes right now as it never did cross their mind that I would have made this). BUT, I could have made it and that is why I am sharing it today. Some women cook well, I buy well. But in any case, this is how you can assemble this adorable, go most places oohhhyy, gooeeey sundae.

First, it isn’t icecream in the middle. It is frosting which makes it easy to take to a picnic or bbq. The one I bought was the buttercream variety that the stores put on cupcakes but my friend no such person suggested cool whip would work just as well. Put a nice sized mound in the middle of the plate.

Next, get some brownies at the bakery. I personally love Costco’s but whatever is easiest and of decent quality. Cut each brownie into 4s so that you have bite sized pieces. Put them on the plate circling the whipped cream. Stack them up to look like a sort of brownie mountain. You know, artfully toss them on :P

This one used oreo cookies to create a little artsie border on the top. Get 6, use 4 on the sundae and crush up the other two. Great job for little kids to do. Just put them in a ziplock bag and let them be creative on how to crush.

Smuckers has ice cream toppings in a drizzle jars next to the ice cream area. Pick up your favorite flavors. For us, that would be chocolate and caramel. Drizzle all over. Use crushed oreos as a sprinkle and top with a cherry.

The thing I love about this is that it is so easy. Everything is store bought but with some quick imagination looks unique. You could do these in small plastic take out containers for bake sales or individual servings or make a bigger one for a family dessert!

Eat at your own risk—something tells me it isn’t exactly healthy :P

It’s Summer Time!


Oh how I love summer~the sun, the heat, swimming~everything a desert girl lives for! Except….

Everywhere we go is plastered by children on summer break. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against school kids enjoying the places we get to all year long. I do, however, have a problem with parents that let their kids ruin these places for those of us who have come to call them home. If you are a homeschooling or unschooling parent you know exactly what I mean. Summer is the time of year we stay away from the zoo, the library, movie theaters and such as our quiet havens of fun and learning have been invaded for the most part by children gone wild. A trip to the pool is like watching young children being trained for college spring break. Moms who are just happy to have something for the kids to do during the summer chatting with their friends and thinking it is so cute to give little Johnny a super soaker to run around and spray anything in sight “Hey, it is SUMMER!”, right? Actually NO, it isn’t alright and it isn’t my families fault that your kids only get out 3 months of the year. It is a choice you make. It is a choice I make that my kids swim 3-4 times a week all year and therefore don’t see it as a chance to go wild. Again, I have no issue with the kids being respectful of others enjoying these places. It is fun to see them get a break. My issue is with the mom who clearly views summer as a chore and looks to offload her kids at any spot that distracts the kids from driving her crazy and lets them do whatever they want because “Hey, it is SUMMER!”

So, my message to those mothers is this: Please realize that 80% of the population couldn’t care less that little Johnny is off for summer break. It doesn’t give him license to squirt me with his super soaker! Realize that you are invading OUR world~shocking I know but there are hundreds of thousands of people that go the movies during the week, grocery shop, swim, go to the zoo, library, museum, ALL YEAR long. These people have the right to continue to use these facilities without risk of injury even though your kids are on SUMMER break. Realize that these facilities are not a novelty to some kids. My kids go to the zoo a lot so I will quietly explain to them when your kid pushes me out of the way to see that “cool polar bear” that I can be patient and let them get a chance to get to know our animal friends. I, however, won’t be nice when your kid pushes mine.

Take the summer to teach your kids that the world does not revolve around them. Give them a fair shot at not ending up on the cover of College Kids Gone Wild a few years from now. Teach them that while summer may be a fun break for them, they still need to be respectful (just like I am sure they are in school).

…and to those of you completely offended by my post, you shouldn’t be unless you are the mom sipping flavored water gabbing to your friends while your kid pushes mine or shoots us with that super soaker. In that case, I hope you are offended ’cause someone needs to tell you how obnoxious you and your kids are!