Loot Lovin’ Linky

Not much could be better than a man with gifts but since we don’t all have that each Thursday I will post a list of where you can win some awesome gifts for yourself! Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

business man with gifts falling down

My current giveaways! Right now I have the Years Supply of Kraft Mac&Cheese going on!

Bloggers: List your giveaways! I only have 2 SIMPLE rules, if you don’t follow them I will just delete your entry.

  1. Your link must go to your giveaway, NOT to your blog
  2. Your giveaway MUST BE Family Friendly!

This is the preferred format but I am not overly picky as long as you have the end date in it!  Your Site NAME – Prize Name (6/1)

PS Bloggers: Here is a list of more places to list giveaways courtesy of the incredible Mommy Snacks


  1. Thanks for the Loot Lovin Linky!

    I appreciate you having the linky for people to come and sign up for my giveaway for the free Mary Kaye’s Music Box Children’s CD

  2. Thank you for the linky. Wha ta nice blog you have…. new here today.

  3. Thanks for providing this linky!!!