Quick Note

shortstory(1)Just wanted to throw something quick up to say thanks for all the calls, emails, and notes for Carters surgery tomorrow. If all goes as it should this will be a super quick shunt replacement and we should be home Tues. afternoon.

I will update everyone through a whrrl story so you can follow that in any of these ways.You only need to do one of them to get the updates.

  1. Sign up for an account there and add me as a friend: http://whrrl.com/ If you do this, you will get an email everytime I publish a new story.
  2. Check the front of page of the blog for my latest whrrl story which over the next two days will be updates on how he is. Keep hitting refresh–it is good for my stats (hee hee)

and with that I am going to bed and leaving you with one cute Carterism:

Me: You are the cutest kid ever

Carter: Yeah, you can take that to the bank!

Loot Lovin’ Linky

Not much could be better than a man with gifts but since we don’t all have that each Thursday I will post a list of where you can win some awesome gifts for yourself! Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

business man with gifts falling down

My current giveaways! Right now I have the Years Supply of Kraft Mac&Cheese going on!

Bloggers: List your giveaways! I only have 2 SIMPLE rules, if you don’t follow them I will just delete your entry.

  1. Your link must go to your giveaway, NOT to your blog
  2. Your giveaway MUST BE Family Friendly!

This is the preferred format but I am not overly picky as long as you have the end date in it!  Your Site NAME – Prize Name (6/1)

PS Bloggers: Here is a list of more places to list giveaways courtesy of the incredible Mommy Snacks

Bloggers I Admire

I am hoping to make this more of an ongoing post thing (we’ll see) but I know how hard it is with the tens of thousands of blogs out there to pick through what are good fits for you. So, in an effort to share the wonderful places I draw inspiration from I will try to give you quick looks at some people I think you should take a few minutes to check out:


Lucretia (aka geekmommy)- This was one of those twitter connections that I talked about. We ended up meeting in real life in Feb. and I just fell in love with her (I may mean that literally as I had a dream about her last night, lol) Seriously though, she is honestly one of the most brilliant women I have had the pleasure to get to know. She is just scary smart, funny, and quick witted. Her blog really doesn’t have a ‘niche’ that I see. You get a little bit of everything there (sort of like here) which fits her personality well.

Tara (aka organicsister)- Tara and I are real life friends. While we could not be more different in many ways, it is the theory of opposites attract here for me. Tara is passionate about her life, open and honest, and truly a very kind soul trying to make her way in this crazy world. I admire Tara for her voice, her passions, and how well that all comes through on her blog. This is not a simple blog you can skim through, you need to invest some time here but it is well worth it.

A Cowboy's WifeLori (aka acowboyswife)-I have talked with Lori over twitter for some time now but it wasn’t until I met her last month in Wisconsin that I started reading her blog. Like Tara, Lori’s world is very different from mine. She loves her life in the country and I am a city girl somehow plopped in it. But Lori is a very savvy blogger and I admire how well she has branded herself (pun intended). I fell in love with her when I found her very simple line in her blog: Professional Mom Blogger. That is what she does and this girl does it well. She has seemlessly integrated the art of being an authentic voice with being a profitable blogger.

If I haven’t mentioned you YET it is probably cause I am saving your awesome blog for another addition of “Into the Blogosphere”. Don’t get all twisted up about it just yet :P

Surely you have some bloggers you admire, leave their link below or if you want to give me more details, leave me a comment. Just please don’t link to your own site ’cause, well, yeah, that is kinda lame of you.