Just Getting Back Here

Sorry it has been so long. With everything that happened with my brother and my dad I did what I always do, I threw myself into more projects to occupy my mind. I am not good at having too much time to think, so I make sure that I don’t as a way to cope.

So, what have we been up to? Con’s basketball league is going great. He is making friends and feels like he is finally a part of something. We went on an interview to where he is applying to highschool. Both principal and admissions director were BCP alum so they were very nice to give us the time and help us figure out what Con will need. He is actually going to basketball camp with them this summer.

We haven’t heard anything yet about Cart making the next round of Build A Bears Huggable Hero program for Carters Bear Club. Anxiously waiting that news. Still swimming a lot and really missing skiing.

I have tried some of the homeschool groups here, still can’t really find a good match for us.I have been geting out and making friends through all my online actvities.

Trying to plan to make it to Vegas for Cons b-day which is coming up FAST! We would drive so just need to block out rooms and get it done! Can’t believe I am about to become the mom of a teenager! YIKES!

BTW-Happy 80th Birthday Mom! She is such a good spirit about her gifts!