The Great American Road Trip Casting

rv_mtn1This seems so ideal for a homeschooling family to get involved in. It sounds like an absolutely blast. Wish we qualified but since we don’t I hope one of you will!

NBC’s New Hit Summer Show “The Great American Road Trip” is now scouring the country for seven great families!

Each Chosen Family will drive from the East Coast to the West Coast for as long as 5 weeks in a motor home supplied by NBC. Along the way each family will compete against the other families in fun, unique challenges.

Each Family will recieve a stipend of two thousand dollars per week of participation. Major Grand Prize for the Winning Family! Tutors will be supplied for school aged children.

Each family considered should have at least 2 kids between the ages of 11 – 16.

Families must be available from mid-May through June 2009.

To apply please send an email ASAP to