INCREDIBLE Time at Disney On Ice

A few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful opportunity by MomCentral to be a Feld Family Activator by attending the show and giving away tickets. Last night was the opening night for Disney On Ice here in Denver. The show was INCREDIBLE. The Incredible’s (aka The Parr Family) take a vacation to Disneyland where they try their hardest to blend in as a ‘normal’ family. But the evil Syndrome shows up and captures Minnie and Mickey. The Incredible’s of course, save the day and all ends well. We had a great time as a family. Parking is really easy at the Coliseum which was a big plus!

All of the Feld Family Activators got together before the show and were treated to a dinner, character meeting, and lots of fun souveneirs for the kiddo’s. It was a wonderful night. I had a great time meeting some of my twitter friends in real life: @KristieMcNealy @geekymommy @milehighmamas @amnichols

If you have not yet bought your tickets to the show, use the code on this flyer to get a family four pack for $44. That is just a little more than the cost of going to the movies and so much more memorable.

I also heard that MomCentral is looking for moms in other cities who may be interested in being a part of the Feld Family Activators. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience!

Ski Patrol and ER Visits-A Few Days In My Life

I must apologize for the seemingly randomness of the following post. I have always abhorred those “Random *insert day of week* Thoughts” posts that so many bloggers are found of. This post is only random in the way that there is no over arching theme to tie it all together.

Saturday-BEAUTIFUL day skiing at Winter Park. All stars aligned perfectly. This weekend was a charity event to raise money for the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Silent auction tent and I spent some quality time together while the boys were on the slopes. Saw some hilarious wipeouts (I know, not nice to laugh but come on, how can you not laugh at a guy who hits a poll between his legs), bought a glass of champagne. AND THEN, da da da duhhhhh….Bob called. Connor is missing. The group went right, Con went left. Searched for an hour and couldn’t find him. More than a little scared that he tried the run he would have landed on. Not meant for his beginning snowboarding skills. But, no, he did the right thing. He sat down and waited for ski patrol to take him down and called me. Of course, all of this could have been avoided if his precious IPhone was in his jacket pocket and not the car. But, all ended well. Never did get to drink the champaign though (just in case you were wondering)

Sunday-Recoupped from Sat. Ran errands. Missed Cindy’s call. Was sad about that.

Monday-*Warning-if you get easily grossed out, STOP reading NOW* Went swimming. Got Carter out of the pool to get changed and there was a weird piece of plastic on his foot. Went to take it off and I about screamed and threw up at once. IT WAS NOT PLASTIC. It was the skin from the bottom of his foot flapped over the top. OK, I have handled some pretty gross stuff throughout both boys but this was the NASTIEST thing I have ever seen. I was a complete wreck taking him into the ER. Of course, he just sat there and ate his Famous Amos’s and watched Toy Story since thankfully he can’t fell a thing in his feet. He was way more freaked out by my theatrics. They opted to glue and steristrip the skin back in place since it (the skin) will likely turn black and fall off in a few days. GROSS!!! He needs to stay off it while it heals. Oh goodie.

Tuesday Morning-Dad taken back to the ER. This time they suspect another mild heart attack. Won’t know for sure for a few hours. G Dammit, how much more can this poor mans body take???  Will update news as I get it.

Again, sorry for the randomness but I was not creative enough to figure out how to tie that all up in one neat little package.