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Polar Husky Alert: View-as-Book

Passing on some information from Education Basecamp!

Happy Presidents Day from Education Basecamp!

We wanted to let you know that Module 1 is now available through the view-as-book feature in Get Curriculum of Support at Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this resource-saving feature.

There are multiple ways to utilize this feature and there are many ways one could search for a particular page within Module 1.

Here is an example we have come-up with for helping you with the ‘Search the publication’ feature:

You are looking for Teacher Notes 1-6a “Amundsen” to project as suggested in the CAAG.

Type Amundsen in the ‘Search this publication’ field and click return. Five pages are returned that contain the word Amundsen. Click on the thumbnail version that most resembles the page you are searching for (in this case it would be that last page with the color map and image of a person with a

Please note: searching by “Teacher Notes” or “Teacher Notes 1-6a” will bring back all pages that have the words Teacher Notes and also all pages that have a 1, 6 or ‘a’ following these words Teacher Notes. This may not be the most effective way to search.

As time allows, please familiarize yourself with how the view-as-book feature works and learn what is the best way for you to navigate to what you are looking for. We’ve heard that many of you find it to be a great time saver (and we love that it helps save trees too!).

If you come-up with an ingenious way to search, please share it with us! Beginning March 2, Technical Stuff in Forum of Support will be the place to let everyone know so that they can benefit from what you’ve found/learned. In the interim, share it with Education Basecamp at and we’ll share your EUREKA! moment with everyone.

Share what you learn. You never know how we might choose to say thanks. :-)

Think Snow!

Education Basecamp
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Explore the Arctic and experience adventure learning online!

Some Fun Videos

Last week I bought the boys a little Flip video camera so that they can easily make their own videos without having to use mine. They are having a lot of fun with it. I brought it to Connor’s game yesterday and took some quick videos. They were undefeated until this game. He is number 8. I love watching him play. He looks so much like his Dad on the court!

This one is the first one that Cart made with his bears.

You can see more of Carters bear stories and videos over on his blog.