Who’s Haunting the White House?

The boys and I were walking around Barnes and Noble last Wednesday and this book caught my eye. We had finished doing PrezQuest and I was looking for something to follow up on that. This book was stuck on a lower shelf in the kids section with others centered on the Inauguration. Well, Barnes and Noble, you should move it so that it catches more peoples attention. It was a phenomenal insight into White House history with such a different perspective! The author Jeff Belanger does an excellent job presenting this as a scientific discovery and exposing facts about the different presidencies in a very enticing way. Rick Powell’s illustrations are stunning.

This book is not for the faint of heart or younger kids. Carter (10 years old) was concerned for Sasha and Malia’s safety but it gave us a wonderful opportunity to discuss the spirit world and my belief system towards that end. He came away with a better understanding of spirits in general. Connor (12 years old) thought it was cool and “accidentally” learned quite a bit about the presidents along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it with the boys and that is why I am recommending it to you. Amazon has it cheaper than B&N right now:
Who’s Haunting the White House?: The President’s Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There


  1. Thanks for this great post! My 12 year old is really into stuff about the white house. He found this “so cool” as he put it.

  2. When I came across this, I followed your mention and did not show this to my 9 year old. Though my husband and I found it interesting. I never knew any of this stuff. I'm very into the supernatural with hauntings.