Hell Has Frozen Over

and I am going to enjoy it. I have to say, THANK YOU DENVER. If it wasn’t for moving to Denver, I would never have learned to love football. How can you not learn about football when you live in a town so loyal to the Bronco’s? It is contagious! On Bronco’s game days here, EVERYONE pays attention. Even the grocery stores have the game going, and it seems like everyone is decked out in blue and orange. So, when the Bronco’s run for the Superbowl was over, I thought football for the year would be too. But, wait, what is this??? My home town team pulled off a miracle and Arizona can say something no one ever thought possible, THE CARDINALS ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL!?! I can remember living just outside the old stadium, yes, quite literally, in college during my freshman dorm days. I even worked a few games for extra money when it was offered to our sorority. Game days were full of fun and excitement on the ASU campus but yeah, I can admit, I really didn’t care about the actual game. I know that the Cardinals no longer play at ASU but tomorrow, I am going to close my eyes and remember those days fondly and hopefully watch my hometown claim the Superbowl victory! (oh yeah, and I am going eat that cupcake cake if the boys let me at it)


  1. Elizabeth says:

    I hate I had to miss so much of a great game. I had to work. Every year I have to work Super Bowl! I cannot wait till that day ends! Sorry bout the Cardinals. Everyone I know was rooting for them! I love football! I just can’t waist so much time sitting in front of the TV for days, but I would love to! I’m sad the seasons over.