Chapter 1: The Set-Up

I recently began working on a project with a few other women (yes, at this point you should start to laugh and know where this is going!). Being raised in all girls Catholic school and then being in a sorority should have taught me better but nevertheless, I was excited about it. Not just because of the good it would do me personally, but because I really believed this was going to be such a great thing for so many people. I invested my time, money, heart and soul into this endeavor. It appeared to be a huge success from the opening date. This is where it all goes bad….

As you know, my dad had a stroke. All of the women involved in the project knew this yet I pushed on through playing a major part in the opening success of said project only to be greeted when I stepped off the plane in Arizona to a pretty terse email that one of the women wanted to be the “Queen B” (yes, I purposely left off the ee there). The email went on to inform me that if I didn’t like the new terms, OH WELL. “Um, EXCUSE ME???” So, of course, all of you who know me well are rolling on the floor laughing at this point because I don’t ride anyones coat tails. I am more than happy to work equally and usually (as in this case) do more than is expected of me but have someone boss me around??? Mamma don’t play that. When dealing with all of Dad’s legal stuff I told my attorney about what was going on. He advised me to ask them to stop proceeding and give me some time. I think that was more than reasonable given my circumstances. Nothing was THAT important that it couldn’t wait a few days! I mean, really, have a heart Miss Wanna Be Queen! Sadly though, moving forward with her world domination plan was more important. I should do everything I was told to while also dealing with my dads stroke. Even though I asked repeatedly for more time, Miss Wanna B proceeds onward and would just not stop. She proceeded so far that she ended up damning the whole project.

I love my family though. They think this is as CRAZY as I do and while we had a few offers of legal help from friends and family my DARLING husband would rather take this to an attorney that specializes in internet law. We really don’t care what it costs at this point. It is the point of the matter. My dad was near dying in the hospital and I was being ordered around to give up something I worked hard for just because someone else got a bug up their behind.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2….


  1. Ok, Barb … I’m hooked. How is Chapter 2 progressing?

    Before you tackle that question, though … how’s your dad doing?