Got My Wii Fit This Week!

I am having an absolute blast on my Wii Fit! I bought a pretty pink yoga mat and silicone cover for it and it just makes me feel so pretty using it! The boys don’t even mind the pink as they are having a blast on it too!

The first time you log on you do a body test which gives you your Wii Fit. Drumroll please….33! That is three years younger than I really am. Sadly, it told me I was overweight, and plumped my little mommy mii out. But I was thrilled with my age. I set my goals to lose 20 pounds in two months. Very doable I think. I love the hula hoop ans super hula hoop games. You can really feel it in your sides the next day. I have a record of little over 300. Not bad for 6 days of using it. The yoga is great to do because it really makes sure that your core stays inline. I also love the tilt game for balance. We have been pretty competitive in our house with that game.

In other news, I started a new forum for fitness. It is called We Fit Families and the focus is all on helping to make families healthier in the new year! My theory is-the family that plays together, stays together!


  1. I was lucky enough to find a Wii fit and can’t wait to start using it…let’s see in 5 days!!
    Our goal is to get all the kids to use it to get a little physical activity in this winter and have some good family time doing it.