GoNorth! 2009 adventure learning program

Just passing on news from the Polar Husky team. Make sure you sign up for the next round of this.

It is hard to believe that we are in the last few days of fall – The Polar Huskies are rolling in the snow with grins on their faces and it sure looks and feels like winter here in Minnesota. But officially the Winter Solstice occurs this Sunday.

We’ve been hard at work at both Education and Expedition Basecamp preparing for the upcoming GoNorth! 2009 adventure learning program. To that end, we have some information and updates that we would like to share with you. The biggest news is that we will be taking our adventure to Nunavut, Canada in 2009 and then to Greenland in 2010. A howl of applause to our sponsors and in particular the Best Buy Children’s Foundation and the National Science Foundation for supporting the ‘swap’ of the expedition location.

With the change in location, so is there a change in the direction for both the curriculum and the website. All summer and into this fall we have been hard at work on the curriculum and content for the website to accompany the program. Because content is location-specific, this county change for 2009 has resulted in a content shift as well. We are working around the clock to make the necessary changes, however we regret to inform you that we will not have the 2009 Curriculum & Activity Guide ready for you before the New Year. At this point in time we cannot give you a final date, but please know we are working hard. As soon as we have information we will broadcast an alert to bring you the most up-to-date news.

From all of us at GoNorth!, both two and four-legged alike, we hope you have a Happy Howling Holiday. Think Snow!

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It’s Beginning To Look ALOT Like Christmas…

Connor getting the trains set up. It is so sad to see that he does not need any help anymore. He had them up in ten minutes and Carter enjoyed playing with them afterwards. Carter set up the Christmas town. We found a sign post in the little figure that points to Denver. How strange is that? I had these for years. Maybe I should start paying attention more to the little signs in my life to see where Bob’s career will take us! Carter had an obsession this year with trying to balance all the people on top of the roof houses. Who knows?

Got My Wii Fit This Week!

I am having an absolute blast on my Wii Fit! I bought a pretty pink yoga mat and silicone cover for it and it just makes me feel so pretty using it! The boys don’t even mind the pink as they are having a blast on it too!

The first time you log on you do a body test which gives you your Wii Fit. Drumroll please….33! That is three years younger than I really am. Sadly, it told me I was overweight, and plumped my little mommy mii out. But I was thrilled with my age. I set my goals to lose 20 pounds in two months. Very doable I think. I love the hula hoop ans super hula hoop games. You can really feel it in your sides the next day. I have a record of little over 300. Not bad for 6 days of using it. The yoga is great to do because it really makes sure that your core stays inline. I also love the tilt game for balance. We have been pretty competitive in our house with that game.

In other news, I started a new forum for fitness. It is called We Fit Families and the focus is all on helping to make families healthier in the new year! My theory is-the family that plays together, stays together!