The View’s Joy Behar Calls Homeschoolers Demented

I guess I am not so shocked at anything that is said on The View but I guess I am most put off in the casual way that Behar says that ‘a lot of homeschoolers are demented’ and that they ‘learn to be afraid of other children’. Her attitude more than the words bother me. Start listening at the 5:45 mark and you will see what I mean. Kudos to Elisabeth Hasselbeck (with whom I have not always agreed) for her support.

So, what do you think?


  1. I think she's a comedian and they exaggerate. Were you also offended by the SNL skit a few weeks ago? We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. Hey, we're demented. Let's own it.

  2. Man I wish I hadn't seen that…I'll be venting in my head all day now! LOL

  3. There is obviously a lot noise on this comment by Joy Behr, but to be honest, I don't see it as something to get to shook up about. What I see coming off in this conversation on homeschooling is an off the cuff comedic comment. She is an ex-school teacher, so it goes without saying, educators are usually not proponents of homeschooling. Thank you Elisabeth Hasselbeck for giving credibility to homeschooling families.