Teaching Your Children History

Tomorrow is November 4th and in our house it will be a very important day. Who we choose to vote for is not nearly as important as taking our children to the polls with us and discussing the importance of this freedom!

I urge you to bring your kids tomorrow, and while you wait in that hopefully not too long of a line, discuss with them how this simple act has been the cornerstone of our American History. Discuss the Founding Fathers and their dream that we would have the right to representation. Discuss how civil rights leaders fought and died for the right to now have a black man finally on the ballot. Discuss how women’s rights leaders fought desperately for the right to have a vote. Tomorrow will be a historic day for our country, we will either elect the first black President or the first female Vice President. Make your kids a part of that history!

Children learn by watching their parents so I encourage all of our homeschooled kids who have the rights and freedom to not be locked up in a school building tomorrow, to learn one of the most valuable lessons we can teach them: the respect for this great country we live in and the responsibility we have to honor and protect it.

This is a great site to use to discuss the process of the electoral college with kids: Congress For Kids