Disneyland Homeschool Rally

The official 3rd Annual Not Back to School Days Rally™ at Disneyland – September 14-17, 2009 – is now going to offer a full service conference and you won’t want to miss it!

This is a great opportunity to show the public what homeschooling is really all about – and celebrate our right to homeschool – as we embark in one of the most family-friendly places on earth – Disneyland! The highlights for this year’s Rally and Conference are:

- Deeply discounted group rates on park hopper tickets
- Y.E.S. classes taught by Disney staff – learn concepts in Physics, Animation, History, Leadership
- Conference with exhibit hall, speakers, workshops, more
- Food discounts at the conference
- Deeply discounted hotel rooms at Disney hotels
- Homeschool Talent Show
- Homecoming Dance for Teens
- Welcome Reception to meet new friends
- Twilight sessions for parents after the parks close
- Gifts and Talents Fair (show off your favorite subject)
- T-Shirts and Buttons to identify homeschoolers in the parks
- Souvenir Program

Membership in SHEA is not required to attend any of these activities. To find out more about this year’s rally, please visit our website: http://www.southwest-home-education.com

To go straight to the reservations page, use this link: http://sheadisney2009.eventbrite.com

Hope to see you!
Dianne McLean
Regional Director

The View’s Joy Behar Calls Homeschoolers Demented

I guess I am not so shocked at anything that is said on The View but I guess I am most put off in the casual way that Behar says that ‘a lot of homeschoolers are demented’ and that they ‘learn to be afraid of other children’. Her attitude more than the words bother me. Start listening at the 5:45 mark and you will see what I mean. Kudos to Elisabeth Hasselbeck (with whom I have not always agreed) for her support.

So, what do you think?

Homeschool Curriculum – Design it Around Your Child’s Strengths

By Lisa Rae Preston

Catering to a child’s strengths when planning your homeschooling curriculum offers a greater opportunity for learning to sink in and become permanent. Not only will your child increase in excellence, but her motivation will soar, too, which makes your role as teacher much more exciting!

Let’s take a closer look at how certain children learn and how you can plan lessons around their strengths!

If your child shows skills in math, then capitalize on that strength by having him/her make graphs, organize information, or explain how a problem was solved. Involve calculation, logic puzzles, and planning in your lessons for this child. Children with musical intelligence can be heard a mile away. They’re creating their own rhythms and music, even unconsciously. Capitalize on this strength by having your child listen to different kinds of music for each historical period you study, have him make and play his own musical instruments and put new knowledge to rhythm and song.

Some children love spending time alone, reflecting and pondering life. They keep journals, notebooks, and wonder about the meaning of others’ actions (as well as their own). Utilize their creative writing capabilities, and they’re on cloud nine! Some children bounce as they go through life. They don’t walk, they skip. They don’t just run, they gallop full-speed ahead. Movement is the name of the game. Plan lessons for these children that involve role-playing, inventing, exercise, sports and hands-on experiments.

No doubt about it – some learners need others with whom to bounce ideas around. These children will learn best if you plan team activities, lessons that involve talking, listening and relating to others. Children who are visually gifted need activities that involve drawing, imagining, designing, building, painting, and watching. If your child shows great verbal skill, then you’ll want to design learning around reading, explaining, writing, and storytelling.

Some learners excel when they’re outdoors. If you have a nature lover, then plan lessons around growing, planting, observing the environment, investigating the outdoors, and recycling. Almost any activity can be altered to fit a child’s learning style. By gearing your home school curriculum and lessons to your child’s individual strengths, you increase his excellence in that strength and heighten motivation to finish projects. The motivated learner tends to remember facts and new skills with greater ease. It’s the perfect way to make learning stick!

Lisa Preston taught public school for 17 years before becoming a Homeschool Evangelist! Discover how to teach to your child’s unique strengths and pick up her free book Why You Should Homeschool Your Child: A Public Schoolteacher’s Confession at http://www.homeschoolhelper.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lisa_Rae_Preston