Homeschool Statistics – Over 1 Million Homeschooled Kids in the US Alone!

By Melanie Ullman

The latest homeschool statistics show that over a million children in America are currently homeschooled. The popularity and success of home education is growing larger each year as the public school system experiences crowding, more violence, and a decrease in the education levels for students. It proves to parents that homeschooling is very important and might be an education choice to consider for the upcoming year.

Homeschool statistics indicate that children who are taught at home receive higher scores on their standardized tests than children who are taught through a public school. The point average for homeschoolers was, in some cases, almost 70 points higher than the national average for public school children. This is a positive indication that individual teaching time makes a difference as does a quiet environment to study in. In home discipline is also important in being able to study in a more controlled environment.

It takes less time to homeschool a child than it does for the child to go through a regular day in public school changing classes and doing extra activities. Homeschool statistics show students who are taught at home are more mature in their level of learning and socialization skills than those who are not. The studies also show a higher level in spiritual growth, cognitive skills, academic skills, and social skills.

It has been shown through homeschool statistics that religion is not a deciding factor in the decision to homeschool a child as it used to be. Many parents who are not religious have decided to homeschool their children simply because of how bad the public schools are becoming. The household income for homeschool families is about $50,000. With regards tot he budget, it only costs about $500 a year to home school one child. It could cost more to purchase uniforms, field trips, lunches, and gas to take a child to and from public school.

The parents who were included in the homeschool statistics stress that it is very important to teach children morals and values along with math, reading and the other core subjects. The entire point behind the innovative idea of homeschooling is to provide the child with a better means of learning and teaching environment. This is definitely not something public school instruction provides. While these statistics are important in showing the benefits of homeschooling, it is necessary for parents to get together to decide what is best for their children.

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