Homeschool Activities – Tips For Finding and Choosing Fun Programs For Your Child

By Carletta Sanders

Although many parents are concerned about socialization, there are many homeschool activities available for children who are educated at home. When choosing homeschooling activities, look for activities that are inexpensive and age appropriate. Here are some places you can find activities for your children:

Church – Church activities are not always limited to church members. Many churches offer sports, Sunday school, choir, drama, vacation Bible school and other programs to residents of the community.
Sports – Homeschoolers can participate in sports through the recreation centers, church programs, competitive leagues and home school leagues. In some states, homeschooled children can participate in programs offered by their local public schools.
Private Lessons – Many home school students take dance, music, skating, swimming, gymnastics or art lessons during daytime hours at local studios.
Civic Organizations – 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and similar organizations welcome participation from children who are home educated.
Support Groups – Homeschool support groups sponsor a variety of social and educational activities like park days, science clubs, debate teams and field trips.
Libraries – Public libraries often offer book clubs, story times, writer’s groups and other educational programs for homeschoolers. Some libraries provide local support groups with advertising and meeting space.
Your children can also volunteer for a local food bank, homeless shelter, nursing home, hospital or after school program. High school students may want to intern in a field of interest or work at a part time job.

Because there are so many opportunities available to homeschoolers, it is tempting to take on too many commitments. Consider travel time and preparation time when choosing activities, and be considerate of younger members of your family who will have to sit and wait for older siblings.

Discuss the program’s requirements and expectations for your behavior with your children, and agree upon a time period for remaining in the program before trying something new.

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