A Guide to Finding High Quality Homeschool Textbooks and Supplies

By Christine Harrell

As homeschoolers, we naturally want the best home schooling supplies and curriculum for our children. Each child is an individual though and what homeschool textbooks and supplies may be perfect for one child may not be the best fit for another. Luckily, there are lots of options! But, there’s no way you could ever test out each option for each child, even if you only had one child.

So, what’s a homeschooler to do? What we do best, research! Finding as much information as you can about different homeschool textbooks and supplies will allow you to select materials that are of high quality and that will work for you and your child.

Talk to Other Home Schoolers

This may seem like an easy answer but just because you know and love other homeschoolers, doesn’ mean you always know what homeschool textbooks and supplies they’e using, have tried, or would recommend. So, find whomever you know that homeschools and talk to them, all of them.

Because you know these people personally, and their kids too, you can have the added benefit of insight as to what similarities they share with you and your children; and how the home schooling supplies they have liked may be something you and your child might like (or not like) also.

Read Online Reviews

With the wide use of the internet, you can now find a lot of help with your search for the best homeschooling supplies by reading reviews at the various online homeschool textbook stores. There are countless online reviews about curriculum for homeschool on various homeschool forums and message boards, as well as your state or local yahoo group. Many have a designated spot for reviews, or, take matters into your own hands and just get a discussion going about favorite home schooling supplies.

Many homeschoolers also maintain blogs now about what they are doing, and their life as homeschoolers. Some also post online reviews of the home schooling materials they have experience with. This is a fantastic way to benefit from another homeschooler’s experience and opinion of home schooling supplies.

Create a Relationship With a Homeschool Book Store You Can Trust

If you are lucky enough, you may, through word of mouth or your own experience, find a homeschool book store that you can trust to only offer the best curriculum for homeschool. This way, you’ll know that if they carry it, it’s got to be good.

One marker of a good homeschool book store is that it is run by fellow (and usually very experienced) homeschoolers. Most shops that cater to homeschoolers do so because they enjoy and want to help other homeschoolers. They too know that the search for the best homeschool textbooks and curriculm is a very important, and potentially time consuming process. You can benefit from their support and knowledge, and in return, patronize their shops!

Of course no matter how much you research curriculum for homeschool you’ll still need to use it to be able to accurately judge the fit between the homeschool textbook and your child. But, if you try to utilize these ideas (and make sure the store has a good return policy!), then you’ll make your search for high quality homeschool textbooks and curriculum much more easy and successful!

Author is a freelance copywriter. For additional information on homeschool textbooks and curriculum for homeschool, please visit http://www.homeschoolingbooks.com.

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