Learning Spanish Online=Frustrating!

My kids have been trying to learn Spanish. We first tried the Power Glide system which was just bought out by K12. The program was ok, and I like that they can test for highschool credit but it was hard for them to understand the people talking. The younger program was too young and the older one was too advanced for my 10-12 year olds. Anyway, I found this and am going to give it a try
Rocket Spanish.

They have other languages too:
Rocket French
Rocket German
Rocket Japanese
Rocket Italian
American Sign Language
Rocket Chinese

Anyway, if you are struggling like me with this, leave me a comment and let me know what is working for you.


  1. I understand the frustration of trying to put together a cohesive Spanish program for homeschooling. I believe that foreign languages are the hardest to teach effectively, because all other subjects at least are in your own native language!!! So unless you master the target language you want to teach your kids, it is hard to help them.

    Another problem is the fact that computer programs like the ones you mention are “static”. The power of real-life imporvisation is not possible, because there is only so many interactions that have been programmed for practice. These computer programs are excellent as a supplement, but very limited for substantial learning.

    Then there are options like internet resources, with thousands of pages that offer interesting activities. The problem with this is that they are in “bits and pieces” that are practically impossible to put together as a cohesive and solid Spanish program. Again, they are excellent supplementary practice, but not good enough for efficient learning..

    After several years of researching this particular frustration about finding a good Spanish curriculum for homeschoolers, I have put together a unique homeschool Spanish program that addresses these obstacles. Courses are beginning this year for Spanish Junior 1 and Level 1. Check the program at my website: http://homeschoolspanish.org. It is affordable, comprehensive and hopefully fun enough that kids will learn and will want to keep learning.

    Also I have some activity pages that can help kids practice Spanish in a fun way:

    You can also contact me for any questions, and I will be happy to answer.