Learning Spanish Online=Frustrating!

My kids have been trying to learn Spanish. We first tried the Power Glide system which was just bought out by K12. The program was ok, and I like that they can test for highschool credit but it was hard for them to understand the people talking. The younger program was too young and the older one was too advanced for my 10-12 year olds. Anyway, I found this and am going to give it a try
Rocket Spanish.

They have other languages too:
Rocket French
Rocket German
Rocket Japanese
Rocket Italian
American Sign Language
Rocket Chinese

Anyway, if you are struggling like me with this, leave me a comment and let me know what is working for you.

Pictures From Our Fourth

Nala enjoying ice for the first time

Carter making frog legs

Connor hanging out and waiting for the burgers he made to be cooked

Bob and Nala snuggling at the fireworks

Con and Cart snuggling at the fireworks

Carters New Blog

Carter set up a blog for all of his stories to come. Please visit it and leave a comment. He is really excited about it and I want to encourage him to write.