Disneyland Homeschool Homecoming Dance

To all attendees of the SHEA Not Back to School Days at Disneyland….

We have added a HOMECOMING DANCE AND SOCIAL for teens ages 14-17 for Monday, September 15th immediately following the Talent Show and Private Party Dinner.

The Talent Show and Dinner has been moved to the Paradise Pier hotel ballroom. This was done at Disneyland’s discretion due to the nature of some of the talent being performed. But it worked out great because now we have a stage for the performers, better sound system, and a really nice arena for our dinner.

Disneyland is not charging us additional for this, however, they have allowed us to keep the ballroom after the talent show and dinner to have our teen social at an extremely discounted price. This is so exciting – a semi-formal dance just for teens!

Space is limited, and so is the time to order your tickets. If your teen is interested, please place your order today at: http://sheadisney2008.eventbrite.com

If you have not ordered the dinner/talent show tickets, this is also limited on space and is a great way to show your support for those who are performing – they are afterall homeschoolers!

Thanks for your support and we will see you in September!

Southwest Home Educators Association