Quick Update

Today was not a fun day here. We canceled the contract on the “yellow house”. Why? Let’s see, the roof was made of recalled materials, the foundation is leaking a cancer causing gas, and it has a wee bit of a rodent problem.

Just as I faxed back the termination, Connor fell in the backyard doing exactly what I have told him a thousand times not to do. He jumped from the retaining wall behind and to the sides of the little basketball court area to the rim to practice dunking and missed this time. Of course he had the rim set at 10 feet so he fell and smacked the back of his head onto the concrete from 10 feet in the air. He didn’t bleed or break anything but he has a wicked headache and can’t remember what happened. Bob is at the emergency room with him now. He called a little bit ago to say that they are taking him in for an XRAY but it looks like the standard kid concussion. They have told him he needs to stay still and inside for a minimum of a week. A goody, this will be fun!

Bob goes back to CO on Sunday for an indefinite amount of time. I am back to look online for houses. Maybe the boys and I will go back with him this Sunday so I can look some more. That ought to be about as much fun as keeping Con inside for a week.

Wine, wine, I need some wine (not whine, I have plenty of that)

**update: Con just started throwing up at the ER so they are doing a CT instead of an xray**

**update2: OMG—he fractured his skull and they are admitting him. Will write more as I can.**


  1. fmrduranie2001 says:

    Oh my goodness Barb! Keep us updated on Connor. I don’t want to call you, I’m sure your busy, but I’m thinking of you guys for sure!

  2. fmrduranie2001 says:

    Oh, and I am sorry to hear about the house. Thank goodness for inspections, at least you didn’t find out about this stuff after it was yours!

    Like I said before, Colorado has a lot of beautiful homes so I am sure you will find something soon.

  3. Oh my stomach hurts reading about how he fell. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.