Teeny Tiny Tree Hugger in Me

Tonight I can’t sleep so I am up randomly surfing my favorite blogs. The teeny, tiny tree hugger in me (my friend April coined that term today) read some great posts lately about small things you can do to benefit your family and the earth, so here they are:

Miranda talks about a program called Swaptree, which is basically trading your books, dvd’s, cd’s and such to another person. The thing that caught my eye was the video games. It drives me crazy how fast the kids go through them and when you sell them back you only get an insulting fraction of the price you paid. So, we simply stopped selling them back and I have piles of these games that my kids are tired of.

Tara informed me that I can cancel those bulky,waste of paper phone books that I get. I honestly did not know this. Yes, I do always recycle them but not getting them at all would be even better.

Leid Science Center

Wow, we were busy last week. Two park days, book club and the Science Center. Next week will be even crazier with Con’s birthday :)
Look for more pictures soon! Click on these to make them enlarge.

Book Club

The boys really look forward to going to book club every month. Carter makes a big deal about choosing the perfect book to share with his friends. This time he brought the book Underwear. He got some good ideas for new books from his friends.