Connor’s Birthday

Con turned 12 this week. OMGosh, where did the time go? I blink and another year goes by. He is taller than me now. He is wearing a size 101/2 men’s shoe. My baby is no longer a baby :) Connor got an XBOX for his birthday. He has been enjoying the Halo game a little too much, ha ha. Tuesday was our weekly park day with the homeschool group I started. We went to Exploration Park and taught the kids in our group how to letterbox. The box was a good hike up a baby mountain. It is one of our friends birthday this week as well so we shared cupcakes. That night we went to Memphis BBQ and Con stuffed himself full of biscuits and bbq. This weekend he is having some of his neighborhood buddies spend the night.


  1. fmrduranie2001 says:

    The kids had a great time that day Barb. Thanks for the lesson in letterboxing and for the cupcakes!

    April C.

  2. And here I am whining that my baby is 1 ;)

  3. Six Arrows says:

    Happy Birthday, Connor! So sorry we missed it!!