Our Recent Comings and Goings…

So much going on here that I haven’t had time to sit and just write for the last week. Where to start?

First off, my dad is in the hospital. He hasn’t been feeling well lately and his legs have been really swollen. He has been there since Saturday with little to no progress in figuring out what is really the problem. Things are moving very, very slowly.

My mom turned 80 on Sunday. I can hardly believe that this vibrant woman is 80. She came up to spend a few days with us despite my dads hospital stay. She mostly hung out with us and enjoyed the kids busy schedule. Here is a picture of her and I at the local bar (yup, you read that right) playing video poker for her birthday dinner. ROFL!

Nala was presented with her service dog cape today. She is officially a “service dog in training” and has full access rights to anywhere her humans go. The boys are trying to figure out which rides at Disneyland she will like. :) Below is a picture of her and Krista, our incredible doggie and people trainer. Krista’s organization, All Purpose Canines, is incredible. Please visit their site if you are interested in a service dog.

Bob has been in Colorado this week.

….and for those of you waiting to hear about our recent decisions, I will probably have a 100% answer by the weekend. Stay tuned.

Field Trip – Las Vegas – Shark Reef

Place: Shark Reef, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Date: July 17, 2008
Time: 9:30-11:45 am

Cost: $5 per kid. $12.95 per adult any adult registering 4 or more
children on one order will get a $10 rebate off their admission*.


This is an educational fieldtrip that consists of a one hour guided
tour and a one hour private classroom session. Pre-teaching
materials are available and I will be holding an online pre-
teaching session using a virtual classroom – where attendees can
participate from the comfort of their computer. More information
about the online pre-teach will be sent to those enrolled closer to
the date.

This fieldtrip is for ages 5-17. The Shark Reef asks that we limit
the number of adults so this is the perfect opportunity to give a
fellow mom a little break and team up to take kids in small groups.
Adults that are chaperoning 4 or more children will get a $10 rebate
off their admission*. In order to get the rebate, you must register
at least one adult and 4 kids (or more) on one order. Kids under 5
and strollers are not allowed due to space in the classroom. The
paying adult will be responsible for all children on their order.

This event is PREPAID and NOT REFUNDABLE. In order to facilitate the
online pre-teaching event, sales for this fieldtrip end July 1st.
There is a very limited amount of tickets and this will sell out
quickly. Regular admission is $10.95-$15.95 so this is a GREAT deal
and a wonderful educational experience. Kids are often (though not
guaranteed) given a free ticket to return another day so this makes
it an INCREDIBLE deal.

*Rebates will be given after we receive the order and verify that
there is at least one paying adult and at least four paying
children. You will receive the rebate via the same method you paid
(paypal, credit card, e-check).

Real Life Learning

There is no possible way that I can do this story justice by writing it but it is such a great memory that I need to preserve. Try to imagine my sweet, innocent 9 year old telling me this in all sincerity:

C: I am going on Club Penguin to earn more coins.
Me: Why?
C: I need more coins to buy new clothes so I can get a girlfriend.
Me: Um, OK. Good luck with that.

***30 minutes later***
***Carter enters visibly upset***

C: My girlfriend broke up with me!
Me: What?
C: I did everything right. I don’t understand. I took her to the pizza parlor. I took her to the coffee shop. Then she invited me back to her igloo
M: ***starting to giggle at this point***
C: Then she just dumped me. *very sad puppy dog face*I did everything right. Why?
M: I don’t know C, girls can be like that.

***5 minutes pass. C is back on the computer.***

Me: What you doing now?
C: Applying for a job (he is in the Club Penguin Pizza Parlor)
Me: Why?
C: Well, I can’t get a girlfriend so I might as well get a job!

***And who says that unschoolers don’t learn anything????***

In case you don’t know, Club Penguin is a virtual game owned by Disney where kids interact as penguin characters.