Disney Amateur Talent Show!

The deadline to get in on the Amateur Talent Show for homeschoolers
has been extended to April 7th.

This talent show will be held at Disneyland during our private party
dinner on Monday, September 15, 2008. This is not a professional
show, so don’t feel like you have to be a professional or have a
recording contract to perform. We welcome anyone who wants to get
out there and strut their stuff!

If you, your group, or your children have a talent to share –
singing, dancing, choreography, magic tricks, comedy (standup or
skit), theatrical, or any other entertainment – we would love to
have you!

The guidelines are as follows:
1) You MUST sign up early and submit a short video or photo with a
typed version of your lyrics and content. All entries must be
postmarked no later than April 7, 2008.

Why do you need to submit the lyrics and content? Because
Disneyland wants to review everything to make sure it is appropriate
for Disney format. Keep the lyrics clean, non-political, and kid-
friendly, and the attire appropriate – and you should be fine. DO
NOT SUBMIT THEM DIRECTLY TO DISNEY. We have to send all of the
entries to our Disneyland rep in one big package. Submit all
entries to:

Southwest Home Educators Association
P.O. Box 22482
Bullhead City, AZ 86439

2) Entry into the show does not get you tickets into the park, or
entitle you to dinner in the private arena. We tried to get this –
but unfortunately Disneyland says everyone needs to pay. This
talent show and dinner coordinates with our 3-day Not Back To School
Days field trip for homeschoolers that runs from September 15-17,
2008. If you want to perform, but do not want to hang out in the
private party arena or have dinner, the Disneyland staff will escort
you out after your performance.

The dinner tickets cannot be purchased at the gate, this is a group
activity and must be purchased through the group. If you would like
a great deal on park hopper passes, we have them for $109 per person
(they are $185 at the gate) for three full days of park hopper fun –
PLUS they include up to TWO of the new Youth in Education Series
(YES) classes. Again, these park hopper tickets cannot be purchased
at the gate – they are under group contract.

3) Visit our website for details – to purchase tickets, or to read
more about this fantastic family adventure!


Dianne McLean, Director