SHEA has booked this trip for October 4-5, 2008!

Sail Training program teaches students the basics of sailing, coastal navigation, seamanship, small boat handling, marine biology, and oceanography. Each student participates as a crew member assisting in raising the sails, manning the helm, standing watch and peforming hourly boat checks. Students learn marine biology and oceanography through hands-on labs and snorkeling excursions. This is a weekend (Saturday/Sunday) excursion and is a fantastic experience that students will remember for a lifetime!

This vessel is a three masted square top-sail schooner, thoroughly modern with the latest in electronic navigation and communications equipment. Comfortable accommodations, restrooms and showers, galley with an excellent chef, and a single bunk for every participant!

To read more about CIMI Tall Ship Expeditions, visit their website:


Then, come back and reserve your spot!

We are accepting reservations for adventurous youth ages 13-17 who are willing to work and participate in a full day of activities for both days. Please read, read, and READ about the fact that the students participate AS A CREW member and are expected to learn about the ship and navigation. This is not a luxury vacation, but an adventure to remember for a lifetime!

The cost per person is:
$219 for SHEA members
$234 for non members

Tall Ships has been gracious in allowing us extra adults per students in the ratio. Please check in your area to see if there are other children who would be able to go with your group so we can keep the adult spaces to a minimum and get more students on the trip. Precedence will be given to the first adults who sign up and pay their deposit. Adults who come on this trip will be expected to help with chaperoning the entire group (about 4 students per adult). A non-refundable deposit of $50 per person is required to reserve your spot, which will be invoiced to you from our field trip coordinator once we receive your request at fieldtrips@sw-home-edu.com

*If you need to raise money to go on this trip, we do have fundraising opportunities available for SHEA members. Contact us immediately to get started!