Owl Pellets and Water Treatment

We had the funniest day yesterday. We went to the Bird Preserve which is located on a water treatment plant. I knew when I set the day up that it was a water treatment area but it never dawned on me how bad it would smell. Needless to say the boys were COMPLETELY grossed out but they were fascinated to find out where the water goes when you flush the toilet. Such a boy thing. Adding to the boys disgusting day (which they thought was incredibly AWESOME) they got to dissect owl pellets (which is owl vomit basically), they found three full sets of mouse bones in the pellet, and they discovered maggots growing on a decomposing animal on the walk. Yeah, I am going to throw up from it but to quote the boys “COOL!”
I love this picture because it shows my two boys but also one of my old students who is now homeschooling and hanging out with us!