Learning at Ceasars Palace

With the weather being funky lately we headed indoors to Ceasars Palace this weekend. R taught C1 how to play the big piano at FAO Schwartz…I time honored kid tradition. C2 and I played hide and seek in the four story Trojan Horse that sits at the entrance. C2 was really sad that we would not buy him a $125 lightsaber but got over it. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and watched the Atlantis show. Who says learning can’t take place at the mall? The show prompted a huge discussion of Roman and Greek mythology and C1 compared it to the stories of the Shang dynasty. Pretty impressive for kids who don’t do school, I think.


  1. Toni-Lynn says:

    OMG that looks like so much fun! Yea you can laugh now, I love the movie BIG! :)