Owl Pellets and Water Treatment

We had the funniest day yesterday. We went to the Bird Preserve which is located on a water treatment plant. I knew when I set the day up that it was a water treatment area but it never dawned on me how bad it would smell. Needless to say the boys were COMPLETELY grossed out but they were fascinated to find out where the water goes when you flush the toilet. Such a boy thing. Adding to the boys disgusting day (which they thought was incredibly AWESOME) they got to dissect owl pellets (which is owl vomit basically), they found three full sets of mouse bones in the pellet, and they discovered maggots growing on a decomposing animal on the walk. Yeah, I am going to throw up from it but to quote the boys “COOL!”
I love this picture because it shows my two boys but also one of my old students who is now homeschooling and hanging out with us!

Learning at Ceasars Palace

With the weather being funky lately we headed indoors to Ceasars Palace this weekend. R taught C1 how to play the big piano at FAO Schwartz…I time honored kid tradition. C2 and I played hide and seek in the four story Trojan Horse that sits at the entrance. C2 was really sad that we would not buy him a $125 lightsaber but got over it. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and watched the Atlantis show. Who says learning can’t take place at the mall? The show prompted a huge discussion of Roman and Greek mythology and C1 compared it to the stories of the Shang dynasty. Pretty impressive for kids who don’t do school, I think.

Tadpole Drama, Oh My!

I finally have my car back. I missed it but it was nice to be home and quiet for a while. So, what did we do? Well, we watched the tadpoles grow legs and turn into little froglets. They finally have legs! This has been a major drama in our house. C2 got an Uncle Milton’s tadpole kit for his birthday in August. It took until November for them to arrive. We followed all the directions but the silly things would not grow. At this point I went and read all the horrible reviews for this kit on online. Not wanting to be an inhumane tadpole owner, we researched habitats and the boys built this with almost no help from me:

They had to learn about how to slope the rock and stack heavier than lighter. They found a way to camoflauge the pump by creating a waterfall. They made landings for when the tadpoles started to get legs.

I surprised them with the sign. C2 thought it was hysterical.

Here is Raphael. He has the biggest head of the two. I don’t think you can see his legs in the picture but they are there! Success—-so far! And to think this little experiment has only taken 6 months and $150 so far! How fabulous is that!?! (sarcasm intended)