NV Immunization Exemption

Hey all,

I am writing this because I am becoming more and more concerned with phone calls
I am getting, emails, and now the recent RJ article about the Health District
and immunization exemptions. I think some information needs to get out there and
we need to empower each other with FACTS. PLEASE forward this on to anyone who
could benefit from it.

First, let’s understand something basic…the Immunization Exemption is meant
for children going to school. If you are solely homeschooling (not charter
schooling, not using special services such as speech etc) you have no need for
an exemption.

If, however, you are enrolling your child in public or private school, or
getting services, or using charter schools, or even daycare, and you need an
is important to understand.

The LAW, regarding immunization exemptions, is quite simple and clear. The law
allows for 1) A medical exemption, which the parents AND a doctor would need to
sign for OR 2) a religious exemption, which is a signed statement by the

NO school, administrator, nurse, anyone should ask you for a letter from your
clergy, no further statement of religious persuasion, no certificate from the
Health District, NOTHING, except what is required by law, which is a simple
signed statement.

Below are applicable law references and a sample non vaccinating letter. I have
used this letter, as have many before me (Thanks Amy Jones I think!). Please
arm yourself with the law and be confident and strong!

Sample Non-Vaccinating Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 392.435/392.437 we/I respectfully
submit this written statement that our/my genuine and sincere religious beliefs
prohibit us/me from vaccinating/immunizing our/my child from any or all
immunizations, ________________________(child’s name), born _____________
(child’s birth date).

(Optional) Our religious beliefs, however, allows us to accept medical
assistance for said child if an emergency arises ie a playground accident.

(Parent Signature) (Print Parent Name) (Parent Address)
(Parent Signature) (Print Parent Name) (Parent Address)

Public School Enrollment:
NRS 392.435 Immunization of pupils: Certificate prerequisite to enrollment;
conditional enrollment; effect of failure to immunize; report to Health
Division; inclusion of certificate in pupil’s record.
1. Unless excused because of religious belief or medical condition, a
child may not be enrolled in a public school within this state unless his
parents or guardian submit to the board of trustees of the school district in
which the child resides or the governing body of the charter school in which the
child has been accepted for enrollment a certificate stating that the child has
been immunized and has received proper boosters for that immunization or is
complying with the schedules established by regulation pursuant to NRS 439.550
for the following diseases:

Public Schools: NRS 392.437 Immunization of pupils: Exemption if prohibited
by religious belief. A public school shall not refuse to enroll a child as a
pupil because the child has not been immunized pursuant to NRS 392.435 if the
parents or guardian of the child has submitted to the board of trustees of the
school district or the governing body of a charter school in which the child has
been accepted for enrollment a written statement indicating that their religious
belief prohibits immunization of such child or ward. (Added to NRS by 1971,
1040; A 1997, 1876)

Private Schools: NRS 394.193 Immunization of pupils: Exemption if
prohibited by religious belief. A private school shall not refuse to enroll a
child as a pupil because such child has not been immunized pursuant to NRS
394.192 if the parents or guardian of such child have submitted to the governing
body a written statement indicating that their religious belief prohibits
immunization of such child or ward. (Added to NRS by 1971, 1041)

Childcare facilities: NRS 432A.240 Exemption from immunization when
contrary to religious belief. If the religious belief of a child’s parents or
guardian prohibits the immunization of the child as required by NRS 432A.230 or
432A.235, a written statement of this fact signed by the parents or guardian and
presented to the operator of the facility exempts the child from the provisions
of that section for purposes of admission. (Added to NRS by 1979, 319; A
2005, 2093)
Recipients of Public Assistance: NRS 422A.355 Subsection 3. The Division
shall waive the requirements of subsection 1 if the failure to immunize a
dependent child is because of a religious belief or medical condition and the
recipient submits to the Division a written statement of that fact in the manner
specified in NRS 432A.240 or 432A.250 for admission to a child care facility.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, if you are having a
problem I’d love to call the school or whatever and help you educate them.

Elissa Wahl,
Nevada Homeschool Network Officer


Kids Give Holiday Gift to Charity

I think this is just great that these kids gave up their holiday gift in order to make a collective donation to charity. They are having people vote between these organizations to donate their gift to:

American Red Cross
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Locks of Love
Children’s Miracle Network

If the poll gets more than 1000 votes than the site will double the kids money. If you get a chance, please stop by and have your kids vote. It is a great lesson in giving and it is very interesting to see what other kids have to say about their favorite charitable organizations.

Go here to vote for your favorite charity!

Nevada Proposed Cuts to K-12 Funding

Even though I choose to homeschool, I think we all need to respond to this outrageous cut in education funding! Many homeschooling families still rely on public funding for special programs!

The NQE Board of Directors is in the process of planning 4 simultaneous candlelight vigils on Wednesday, December 19 at 4:30pm in protest of the Governor’s proposed cuts to K-12 education equaling $96,250,000. These cuts will have a devastating impact on our students and teachers. Every school district in Nevada will endure exploding class sizes supply shortages the elimination of tutoring and ancillary programs.

The theme is “The Governor is Burying Education”.

The vigils will be at several locations in northern and southern Nevada. The exact locations will be confirmed by Monday. The locations are CONFIRMED as follows:

Las Vegas: Bonanza High School & Greenspun Jr. High
Reno: Swope Middle School
Carson City: Steps of the Legislative Building

These vigils are dependent upon the number of people making the commitment to attend. Simply put, if there aren’t enough people to speak out and stand up to these devastating budget cuts the vigils won’t happen and the cuts will.

If you are ABLE to attend please send an RSVP email to:


**ALSO include which location you will be at** You will receive an email confirmation of the location and time. Please make time to attend. This may be the most important thing you do for children this year.

NQE Board of Directors