Student Rewards and Free Incentives!

Here is a list of programs that offer freebies and student incentives. Most of these are centered around student report cards. That is the great thing! Just print out YOUR report of how well your student is doing. They count too!

Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese’s program Tokens For Grades Up to a 15 token maximum, kids can receive 3 tokens for each “A”, 2 tokens for each “B” and 1 token for each “C” on their report card. You should be able to benefit from the program if you have any documentation showing a student’s progress and explain to the manager that they are homeschooled.

McDonald’s Students with a straight “A” report card receive: Kindergarten-5th
grades – free Happy Meal. 6th-12th grades – free Value Meal

Peter Piper various incentive awards:

Pizza Hut Book It
(you can sign up as an individual homeschooler….and I think you can still sign up even though it’s past the deadline)

Pizza Hut 3 A’s program:

Also, Mimi’s Cafe has teacher incentives/rewards, and students! They are great about sending them out to groups!