Disneyland Field Trip – SHEA’s 2nd Annual Not Back To School Days

The next Disneyland field trip is booked for September 15-17, 2008 and will
include a 3-day park hopper pass. More details are coming in the next week –
and more activities are being included in this Not Back to School Days adventure
to meet your requests.

Last month’s field trip had nearly 300 participants registered in classes. To
read about the Sept. 2007 trip, visit our website.



When I first started looking into homeschooling the first question was, of course, “What will I teach?”. My son is 9 years old and has high functioning autism. I knew that he has always learned well from TV shows and computer games. I needed to find a curriculum that was disguised as a game. He was at the point where he hated school and anything ‘educational’. Time4Learning absolutely was the answer for us. The lessons were short and to the point. The characters did a very good explaining the concept and then demonstrating how to complete the problem without losing his interest. The math curriculum was so effective for him that he completed an entire grade level in three months. I had purchased MathUSee to supplement Time4Learning for Math but right now we don’t need it. Time4Learning is our complete curriculum for math. The success and confidence in Math that he has gained from Time4Learning has been remarkable.

He has a lot more difficulty following the Language Arts program because the characters talk very fast and it times out with a message that says “Need more time?” within a few seconds during the reading portions. He always needs more time to process the information. He is more successful with the Language Arts Enrichments than the core Language Arts program and I have simply made the decision for now to use something else for comprehension and story elements. The ILA (Integrated Language Arts) sections of the Language Arts section is interesting and he likes to complete those.

The Science and Social Studies sections are too small to be used as a core curriculum but he likes to do them. We are participating in the Cornell bird study right now and we use Brainpop.com as well to supplement. Not mention, real life!

He loves being able to check his online portfolio and goes to check his progress after every lesson. I love being able to print these reports once a month. Even though I am in a state that does not require homeschool reporting on testing, I still keep a portfolio for him. Every month I print off a report of his lessons and stick it there.

So, as a homeschooling mom and a former public school teacher I would have to say that Time4Learning is well worth the time, money and effort we spend on it. My 6th grader who is still enrolled in public school has a membership as well and uses it to supplement lessons that he needs extra practice on. The fact that he enjoys Time4Learning in addition to a full day in public school speaks volumes in my mind. There is a free trial available so I would suggest taking advantage of it and see if it works as well for you!

Civil War Reenactment

I am excited to go to this event this weekend. The Civil War Reenactment will be held at Spring Mountain Ranch this Saturday and Sunday, October 27 and 28th. It also happens to be Nevada Day Weekend! The event is part of the Nevada Parks Living History Program. Living history programs bring the past back to life for a brief moment, giving visitors an opportunity to view life at the ranch as it might have been. These programs, which began in 1992, include costumed role playing, demonstrations and re-enactments of historic events. Each spring and fall a series of living history programs are presented depicting the lives of early settlers such as Old Bill Williams, Jim Wilson, Olive Lake and other prominent Las Vegas pioneers. Programs are presented in the first person as seen through the eyes of the character, or are narrated descriptions of events in the lives of early pioneers. Demonstrations of pioneering skills are also presented, and visitors are encouraged to participate.They have some great events coming up this winter. You can see the schedule here.

Our review after going today:

We just got back from this and had a great time. I was surprised by how many people there were dressed in ‘character’. We met a great librarian who took the time to tell us all about the different versions of The Night Before Christmas. Abraham Lincoln dropped by the battle. Both of the boys had a great time. The younger one, who has high functioning autism, really enjoyed it but needed to stay a good distance from the cannons. It was an incredible ‘living history lesson’ and I am so glad that we took the time to go! Everything was very accessible for a wheelchair for those of you who might need that info.