Disney Youth Education Series!

We just got back from participating in this event. It was arranged for homeschoolers by a new organization called SHEA.

What is the Disney Youth Education Series?

As quoted from the page on the Disney Site:
“The programs in the Youth Education Series are designed to help students get a better understanding of various school subjects through experiences and attractions of a Disney Theme Park. In the variety of programs offered, groups will learn about California history, science, physics and the arts, and do so within the inspiring backdrop of Disney’s California Adventure┬« Park. These Disney Y.E.S. programs can help to create a desire to learn, and encourage students to reach their potential. In addition we provide educators with a set of resources and downloads, including guidelines, California content standards, further reinforcing the educational principles learned in the park. For more information on Disney Y.E.S programs visit the Disney Youth Education Services Site

What was our experience like?

My two boys, ages 9 and 11, were able to take the Animator Series class. It was a three hour class held from 10-1 on a Monday. They had a blast and have been drawing characters all week. They both really enjoyed the Turtle Talk With Crush part of the class. It was neat for them to see how animation comes to life. They learned the technical terms associated with animation and were able to create their own storyboards. They also created some very simple animations using paper, pencil and string. According to my 11 year old it rates a 9/10. He is pretty hard to please so I am thrilled to get that sort of response. The only part that my younger son did not like was the character encounter. Woody rubbed his head which completely freaked him out. Most kids would probably have loved the attention, however. The 9 year old uses a wheelchair full time and I am happy to say that all area’s of the Experience were accessible to him.

Would we do it again?

Yes, I was pleased with how the SHEA (Southwest Home Educators Association) handled the complicated task of assembling homeschooling families for this event. This event is usually only for California Public Schools. Disney did an excellent job with the class itself. If the opportunity presents itself I would have my 11 year old attend the Physics classes.